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The home of Classical music, apple strudel and countless structured wonders, both manmade and natural, Austria has a bit of everything for even the most seasoned of travelers. With a population of 8.47 million people, this is a country bustling with life and everything that comes with it.

Continental climates are to be enjoyed by all who visit. Summers are delightfully hot and sunny for all those who love sitting by the pool (no sea here though, the country is completely landlocked), but its Alpine region provides all those who love the crisp chill with just the right climate for fun snow sports like skiing.

One of the richest thirteen countries of the world, Austria boasts a very high standard of living, benefiting all who decide to grow roots there. In fact, Austria now ranks 18th in the Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Program. This is reflected in life expectancy which reaches 81 years at birth.

A strong sense of community is present in Austria, which is seen in the serious participation in civic events. Voter turnout ranks as one of the highest in the OECD at 74.91%.

Austrians also report higher levels of satisfaction with their lives than the OECD average. In fact, 85% of people say they have more positive than negative experiences in an average day.


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