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Flag of Balearic Islands

Made up of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera, the Balearic Islands are a province of Spain and one of the most popular expat destinations in Europe.

Cost of living might be higher than the average European nation but the country more than makes up for it with its vibrant and dynamic spirit, both in terms of leisure and business. While Ibiza is famous for being Spain’s clubbing capital, Mallorca balances it out with its work oriented culture. In fact, the islands boast over 85,000 companies, 77% of which fall under the services sector. This makes the archipelago the densest business fabric in Spain. For every 1,000 inhabitants, there are 76.3 companies, indicating the region’s lively economic life.

Beyond that, there is a growing property industry and plenty of legal advisors who will help you make your way around. Healthcare will be more than sufficient with the burgeoning number of practices aimed towards foreign residents. Furthermore, there are no less than 8 international schools in Mallorca which even offer the possibility of educating children in their own language.


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