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More than 180 languages are spoken in Brazil, which is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region. It is the fifth-largest country in the world both by geographical area and by population. Its official language is Portuguese and it covers nearly half of the South American continent.

Brazil is home to the expansive Amazon Rainforest and is a popular location for tourism. Its vast natural riches and activity in world issues such as climate change lend it a particular importance on the world’s stage. Brazil is considered one of the most biodiverse places in the world because its rainforests are home to more than 1,000 bird species, 3,000 fish species and many mammals and reptiles such as alligators, freshwater dolphins and manatees. Brazil's climate is considered mainly tropical, but it is temperate in the south.

One of the most famous mountains in the world is the Corcovado located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is known worldwide for its 98 foot (30 m) high statue of the city's emblem, Christ the Redeemer, which has been on its summit since 1931.

The Rio Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most famous attractions in Brazil. The biggest carnival in the world attracts scores of tourists each year and is a major event for the many Brazilians who often spend the year preparing for it.

Brazil ranks highly on the international property market due to its growing economy, warm weather and energetic way of life. It will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014.


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