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If you’re into good food, excellent wines and a country bursting at the seams with a rich, vibrant culture – France is the place for you. French bakeries are a joy to float into, the cheese is spectacular, crepes are to die for and a coffee paired with a croissant is the closest anyone can get to heaven.

In terms of work, there’s the 35 hour working week, 13 bank holidays and five weeks of paid leave. The generous welfare system also shows how well the country treats the people who choose to live there.

With the relatively cheap transport available, there is lots to do with free time. World famous museums, ancient cities, gorgeous beaches and stunning skiing spots are just waiting to be discovered. France also boasts some of the largest markets in the world.

Cost of living depends exclusively on where you decide to settle in France, with country mouse households spending an obviously considerable chunk of money less than their city slicker counterparts. Despite this, regardless of where people chose to grow roots, France is the one country where you are guaranteed never to get bored.

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