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Brimming with astounding natural beauty, it’s hard to imagine the unspoiled Caribbean island of Grenada was once nothing but rubble back when in 2004 a terrible hurricane hit. But ‘the Island of Spice’, one of the biggest exporters of mace and nutmeg, continues to astound with its bounce back. The country is now rebuilt and beholds the most picturesque waterfronts in all of the Caribbean in the form of St George’s.

Stone buildings, forts from a forgotten time and houses boasting all sorts of pretty colours melt together to form a mountainous buffet of urban aesthetics. Friendly, welcoming locals are more than happy to include foreigners in the process of their day to day lives. What more could anyone ask for? Nothing, But there are waterfalls too, all waiting to be explored.

The service dominant economy makes Grenada an interesting place to consider opening up a tourist oriented business. Ecotourism is also becoming in and Grenada is lapping up the rewards.

In term of education, Grenada is world-renowned for St. George’s University which incorporates four different schools--medicine, veterinary medicine, arts and sciences, and a graduate student programme.


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