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While having a coffee in St. Mark’s Square in Venice will certainly cost you more than you would ever want to pay for a brew, the idea that Italy is one of the most expensive European countries to live in is simply not accurate. Outside the tourist meccas, like Rome and Venice, the good life is more than possible to achieve for a much lower price.

The Mediterranean culture sees attention being set on spending time with family, sharing long home-cooked meals and engaging in conversation. One could say that conversation is an art form. A walk down the street will confirm this. Cafes will be packed with people engaged in passionate discussions, talking animatedly about various topics, from work to politics, gossip, food, wine and, of course, football.

The rich history Italy has is also oozing from every corner. The heritage is proudly displayed for anyone who will take the time to discover it. And if you need any help, the locals are as open and friendly as they could ever be.

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