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Not only is this the country with 320 days of sunshine a year, but the warm sentiment also extends to various other aspects of an expat’s Spanish life. Spain offers dramatically reduced living costs compared to the rest of Europe, a distinctly low crime rate, a lot more activities to participate in and enjoy, as well as the possibility of a thriving social life that will see anyone who grasps the opportunity integrating easily with the warm people of Spain, famous for their genuine hospitality and laid-back nature. 

The horror stories of expats left high and dry in the property crash a few years back are now firmly in the past. Today, Spain is topping the lists of the best property values throughout Europe. At the same time, many houses remain undervalued, making it the perfect time to snap up that dream home, getting unbeatable value for money.

With flights coming in and out of the country through its two major airports, Spain is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Though with its beautiful coastlines and dazzling beaches, why would anyone want to leave in the first place?

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