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Right in the middle of Europe, Switzerland is famous for its political standpoint. Neutral. Always has been, and unless the world takes a complete turn, it seems like it will continue being so for a considerable amount of time yet. While some could point to relatively high taxes as a low point, the answer to that would be the above average salaries and that in the Swiss economy expenditures are very much focused on public services and their top-notch universal healthcare system.

The transportation system is so clean and efficient, everyone there rides the bus. This is also very good for those who like to travel on a budget. Being right in the middle of Europe, having a kebab in Berlin then making your way back home over the weekend is a very real option.

Switzerland's quality of life is rated one of the very best in the world, with Zurich and Geneva ranked as the second and eighth best cities to live in the world. There is something in Switzerland for everyone, from the warm climate in the south to the sparkling lakes near France. Skiing in the Alps, career availability almost everywhere. What else could anyone ask for?


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