Buying Property Overseas

Buying an international property for you and your family and buying it as an investment are two very different things. One has to suit you on a personal level, the other needs to be a product that will produce an income in some shape or form, be it through rental fees or capital appreciation.

For rental income, city lets, busy beach areas, year-round resorts and golf or other leisure communities are among the most lucrative. Investors will also analyse tourist growth in infrastructure changes and transport improvements over the long term.

If you’re looking to sell off the property at a later stage and are thus interested in capital appreciation, then emerging markets will likely be more attractive to you. Exotic countries like Brazil, Turkey and Egypt have seen their popularity soar in recent years. However, it is also wise to consider potential fluctuations in political stability when making your choice, along with the local infrastructure and bureaucracy.

In such a case you will also need to consider the resale market; whether locals will be the only people interested in buying your property or if it will have wider appeal. Timing is also important, especially when it comes to exchange rate variations which are sure to have bearing on how much you can afford in different areas of the world, as will mortgage availability and localised property market cycles: are they on the up or down?

Whatever your motivation, always weigh up both risk and exit strategy.

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